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  • Work.
  • School.
  • Former school which I am going to get my last credits for so I can get a bachelor degree.
  • Sports & attached social life.
I feel like I'm constantly juggling three bowling balls and a shot-put ball.


Okay, I'm not one for commenting on politics usually, but I was watching the 8 o'clock news earlier and suddenly, this just struck me as completely ironic.

So, the Wall fell, and we went into the Roaring Nineties, and then took a nosedive into the War on Terror, and who are, it now appears, going to be the ones to nuke us into oblivion?

The Communists.

You have to hand that to the North Koreans.

[And no, this is not a political statement in any way, shape or form.]
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The Alphabet Game
Topic: Authors surnames
Fill in the next letter, copy the whole thing and pass it on to another person on your Flist.

Austen, Jane
Bronte, Charlotte
Christie, Agatha

adventurat? Tag... you're it!

Oct. 3rd, 2006

Note to self: Do not I repeat not sleep through an entire weekend unless it's a school holiday.

*is off to now FINALLY watch History of Britain part 7*

(Oh, btw, haven't seen pics yet. Or of the tournament of the week after. There are pics of the tournament of last Sunday though so maybe they messed up and I'm off the hook. Uhuh.)

Early morning NL-IR texting

sietske --> legrandeval: Guess who just got up @ ass o'clock?

legrandeval --> sietske: You? Guess who slept in again despite 6 alarms?

sietske --> legrandeval: ...yes, I'm going 2 have 2 go with "you", 2. And ack.

legrandeval --> sietske: LOL!

Things like this can really make your day, you know :-)

And now I'm going to take a nap, I think. Seeing as how I got up at ass o'clock.

Sep. 25th, 2006

A slightly off-topic line in a post by adventurat reminded me of something, and now I want to share.

There's this brand of natural drinks by the name of "innocent". The labels on its bottles are very chuckleworthy.

The story begins in Ireland, about a year and a half back, when I bought a random drink. It was lunch, and I was not doing anything, so I started reading the label. Imagine my delight when I read, not so much that there weren't any stabilisers in the drink (though that is undoubtedly a good thing), but more that because of this, "seperation may occur. But mummy still loves daddy". Also, the label was written upside-down to make sure that the bottle was shaken before use.

Anyway, their promise to the public: "We promise that anything innocent will always taste good and do you good. We promise that we never use concentrates or preservatives, stabilisers, or any weird stuff in our drinks. And if we do you can tell our mums."

Oh, and their bottles are "made from 25% recycled plastic. We're working on the rest."

Check out the other labels at http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/, button "bored", button "gallery". There's also other stuff there; you can check that out too :-)

Edit: Looked at next label. The bottles are "now made from 50% recycled plastic. We're still working on the rest." My apologies.

Last of the summer wine

Summer assignments, that is.

22 pages.

Al right, 6 of which were the original text.

(I'm FREEEEEEEEE! ...until tomorrow when I start on my first translation for Year 3)


Random* Rhetorical Question

Why doesn't Amazon.co.uk accept PayPal?

*All right, mostly random. Not quite random. Only seemingly random.


You know the disclaimers that fanfic-writers whose subject is still copy-writed usually put up? This one made me giggle.

L&O:SVUCollapse )
I love my line of study. I hate the organisational structure of my school.

I should say, non-organisational structure, for there is none.